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grade for a luxury car. how toyota is responding to a historically bad report. >>> healthcare reform and what it means for you. dr. carson answers your question live instudio. >>> and the lowest game attendance in oriole's tory. why so few people are saying take me out to the ball game. >>> good morning, it's wednesday april 14th. i'm patrice harris. it's a cold start to the day. it was messy and cold yesterday, and that continues this morning at least. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look the forecast. >>> you keep talking about the cold and i keep talking about the fog and the problem is we have both. >> i felt the cold before i felt the fog. >> i didn't feel the fog, but i saw the cold. >> there could be fog across the mason dixon line. it's rather chilly to the north so i will give you that. >> okay. >> we are only 34 degrees in hagerstown. that is rather chilly. we do have 30s to the northern part of the state, across the mason dixon line a frost advisory. we will see plenty of sunshine this arch and the temperatures will warm up, too. future scan not showing a whole l
a dangerous situation. >> toyota in hot water again. why they're pulling a car from dealership. >>> it can affect organs, it can cause organ failure. >>> where's the beef? we find out what is hidden in your meat. >>> and the lowest game attended in orioles history. why so few people are saying take me out to the ball game. >>> good morning. it's wednesday, april 14th. i'm patrice harris. >>> you're waking up to a cold start to the morning. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at -- why? >> clearing skies northerly flow. >> man. >> that is the ingredients for cooler temperatures. we have the possibility of a little bit of frost out there this morning. >> oh my god. >> patchy and a lot of fog. >> i did. >> and 695 out of whitemarsh it was desperately much on the foggy side. take a look as far as the hd radar, you can see there's plenty of clouds to start the day. low level clouds and fog as we said. reduce visibility quite a bit. be careful as you head out this morning, and give you plenty of time. and it will be a sunny day. 35 degrees in baltimore, and up to wilmington, 38, and h
about claims he doesn't live in baltimore. >>> next good news for toyota, how new discounts and incentives >>> toyota sales are soaring in the u.s. and crude oil prices are rising. robert gray reports. >>> still more firing than hiring. pay roll company adp saying the private sector dropped 23,000 jobs in march, a gain was expected. the government releases the big march jobs report on friday. >>> the dow dipping 50 points but stocks are hot. blue chips rising 5% and march 4% for the first quarter. good news for toyota reporting a 40% jump in sales this month compared to last year. discounts and incentives paying off. >>> boeing expecting financial hits from the financial cut. it's expected to take a cut to cover expected loss from the health insurance. >>> oil settling at a 17 month high, back above $83 a barrel after gaining more than a drar idollarin today's trading. president obama announces that he wants to open up big chunks of the east coast and gulf of mexico to offshore drilling. that is business, i'm robert gray. >>> coming up a legal battle between the father of a
corrected for toyota customers. >>> she was saying to me, please help me and help me. >> the pursuit of tw >>> an 85 years old man was killed wednesday night as drug suspects tried to get away from police. crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells us why the man's wife still does not know her husband's fate. >> reporter: another family angered and saddened. >> he is gone. >> reporter: devastation brought on by baltimore's drug trade. >> i was there trying to comfort him telling him that you know, that help was on the way and she was saying to me, please help us. >> reporter: 85 years old alberelbert davis died shortly r police chasing cars crashed into his car. he suffered a heart attack. his wife also suffered injuries, but she survived. >> she is a nice lady. we speak and we have known each other for 30 or 40 years. i have been across the street from her. we talk every other day, nice family. >> reporter: for police this crime hits especially close. davis was the father of a female baltimore city police officer. it's believed the couple was on their way home when the accident occur
traffic controllers providing out dated weather information. >>> another day, another recall for toyota. the company is recalling th the 2003sequioa suv because the car can hesitate or slow down at slow speeds. about half of the affected cars have been fixed. there are no reports of accidents because of problem. this comes on the heels of the headline making recall that affected millions of cars and a vehicle that was put on do not buy consumer reports list. for more information log on to foxbaltimore.com and shriek on newclick onnews links. >>> the wounded warrior project soldier ride moves into baltimore this week and joel d smith is lucky enough to be visiting with one of those impressive veterans this morning. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the ride will be coming in here. we are at under armour one of the sponsors. and big part of the wounded project. and they will ride later in here this morning. it's called the soldier ride. why is it so important to bring attention to the wounded soldier project. >> the attention that it's great because it gets wounded
for toyota. the troubled car maker said it is recalling 600,000 seanna minivans. toyota said rusting spare tire cables could break and create a road hazard. so far this year, toyota has recalled more than 8,000,000 vehicles. >> your dog or cat could be dangerous to your health. new study showed pets cause 80,000 injuries from falls. dogs are more likely to make you fall than cats. and women are more likely to fall than men. researchers do not suggest that you get rid of your pets. >> and a new study shows that even before they can walk, children choose their toys based on what is traditionally expected of their sex. researchers at the university of london gave infants and toddlers a group of seven toys. little boys were always more interested in items like cars, and soccer balls. and little girls were more interested in dolls and tide bears. study did not draw conclusions about whether the children were born with preferences or developed them during the first few months of life. >> fighting city blight. the community where wrecking balls were biz. >> ash cloud and the airlines. how long fl
and toyota is not fearing a whole lot better. >>> another toyota recall, automaker recalling more than 9,000gs460s. toyota stopped selling those sughs after consumesuvs after cs warned. >>> senators reporting a four-point $4 billion quarterly profits. citi shares rising on the news. >>> germany and britain asking the u.s. government for information about the fraud case. germany looking at whether a germany bank can recover $1 billion it lost by products marketed by gold man. >>> cancellations by the volcano is costing air carries more than a billion dollars and counting. >>> coming up a former archbishop of baltimore dies. how archbishop william borders changed the archdiocese. >>> a candlelight vigil will be held tonight to remember a frost berg student gunned down over the weekend. i'm megan gilliland. what police now say might have led to the shooting. >> reporter: i'm joel d smith live at fells point this morning. you take lie ak the
get their way. >> and toyota takes a consumer report seriously. why it is putting the brakes on a luxury car. >> the vatican under fire again. what xÑ >> millions more americans will very well soon have access to medical coverage under the new health care reform spot. but will they have access to a doctor? right now the u.s. suffers from a severe shortage of doctors. and today baltimore neurosurgeon dr. ben carson predicts health care reform will have a dire impact. >> in fact, it will be much worse. because there is going to be fewer doctors. and more patients. and, you know, again, until we begin to establish the right kind of setting, it won't work. >> now, proponents of the particular reforms predict the number of physicians will actually increase, because millions of dollars will be pumped into the training of new physicians. >> that brings us now to the question of the day. how will health reform affect your quality of care? 33 percent say health care will improve. 58 percent say it will decline. and 9 percent say it will remain the same. kelly writes on facebook. hope
of an elderly man. >> new trouble for toyota. the car being recalled now. >> and the cost of surgery, why maryland hospitals could be a better deal. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> gear, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. new information tonight about the bullying going on at a west baltimore elementary school. sources tell us city school administrators have been to gilmore elementary investigating the allegations of violence involving kids attaining classmates. >> tonight kathleen cairns said a major change occurred for the child that first told us about the bullying you saw first on fox one week ago. >> everyone is talking about the bullies at gilmore elementary school. >> shanya is doing great now. >> shanya has been transferred to a new school at her mom's request after the disabled third grader was attacked by classmates. >> because i felt mad. and because people keep on teasing me, so i felt mad. so i wanted to jump out the window. >> after her story aired on fox 45. others came forward. >> they hit him with
and parcel of flying. schumer will meet with spirit airlines to discuss their new fees next week. >>> toyota is paying a fine for waiting four months to tell the government of telling about the defective gas pedals. toyota knew about the sticking gas pedals in september but didn't issue a recall until january inside coming up on the early edition, your every desire at the touch of a button. the smart phone popping up all across the country. >>> and lots of sunshine today with temperatures climbing into the 60s. and how much warmer will it climb >>> we hope you had a greet weekend. a little cool and breezy then, but today it will be a little bitter and it will be a little less windy as you look at the hd radar, you're not seeing a whole lot out there. high pressure is going to bring us a nice dry day. if you look up to the north you will see a cup of showers in vermont and new york state and connecticut and other parts of massachusetts and seeing light showers. and down to the south and west, you see in arkansas and louisiana some showers and rainshowers that will be coming our way with maybe
. >> a bad grade for a luxury car. how toyota tonight is responding. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert has tonight off. mayor suspends more than $1 million for a community action program. this half learning that some workers at the safe streets operation in west baltimore are now accused of using the program as a front for gang activity. monday, feds charged 13 people, investigators say two gang members worked for the non-profit group. and tonight we have reaction to the mayor's move. >> i know it will be hard on all of us. especially the outreach workers that love doing what they do. you know, that will affect the community that we serve. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said the indictments raise many concerns about the program. >> a spike in home robberies has baltimore city police concerned at this hour. karen parks live at city police headquarters with more on the plan to fight back. karen? what is happening? >>well, jeff, police chief bealefield has beefed up patrols and prompt
. >>> toyota waited 5 months before telling the u.s. government about pedals in their cars. the company was going to con at the presencontestthe fine. toy at toyota knew about the stg pedals but didn't notify the government until november. >>> things like urinating in public, and smoking where it's banned and even spitting. and joel d smith is live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. this comes after president jack young was touring the bar district about the closing time over the weekend. he saw a lot of things you just mentioned. now he said he has seen enough. he wants to change the current laws on the books and make the fines heavier. here is the examples we're talking about, people drinking and holding open containers of alcohol in public could be fined as much as $500, the 10 times the kusht personality. smoking at indoor establishments, adults, found urinating or defecating could be find $1,000. that is twice the current fine. they are called nuisance crimes and jack young says in addition to helping the city'sy mags it't could also help the bottom line. >> it
ellis of the linn group. you bet. toyota is temporarily suspending sales of one of its lexus suvs - after consumer reports put it on a "do not buy list." the auto magazine says it tested the 2010 lexus gx 460 suv for emergency handling... and found that it's at risk of rolling over... although consumer reports said it was not aware of any such incidents. it also says the gx's electronic stability control does not work fast enough to stop a potential slide. in the past 3 months, about 5 thousand models have been sold. a lexus spokesperson said "our engineering teams are vigorously testing the gx using consumer reports' specific parameters to identify how we can make the gx's performance even better." "our engineering teams are vigorously testing the gx using consumer reports' specific parameters to identify how we can make the gx's performance even better." for drivers who already own that suv, toyota is providing a loaner car until it clears up the situation. if you haven't done it yet, you do still have a few more hours to get your 10-40 into the tax- man. some post offices a
. >> several democratic lawmakers considered taxing any airline considering carry on luggage fees. >> toyota pulls the plug on the lexis suv, toyota is recalling the 2010 lexis gx 460. recall affects about 9400 vehicles. last week consumer reports issued a don't buy warning on the vehicle saying it was susceptible of rolling over. >> tomorrow is the last day non-profits can actually apply for loans connected to the winter storm back in december. april 20 is the deadline to submit disaster loan applications. to the small business administration. the loans will help to fix property damage caused by the december 18th storm f you need more information, call the small business administration. and it is a toll free number. at 86592955. >> wal-mart means time scraps plans to keep a store in remington open 24 hours a day, wanted to do that initially. wal-mart plans to have the store open 6 a.m. to midnight. once open, the store will bring 200 plus new jobs, to the city of baltimore. >> i hope it would be okay on wednesday or thursday. i don't know. >> nobody knows. volcano woes still ahead. how much
. patrice, back over to you. >>> thank you, candace. >>> the troubles continue after toyota. after massive recalls a few months ago after faulty gas pedals. consumer report is issuing a do not buy warning on one the models' suvs. >> reporter: the product testing magazine put out a rare message to customers don't buy. the lexus gs460 sufficient. it's first don't buy warning in nine years. consumer reports tested 95 suvs all of them were found safe for highway travel except the gs460. >> when the wind is pushed to its limits in one of our handling tests, the rear-end swings way far out. so the vehicle is almost sideways. eventually the electric stability takes over and regains control but it swings out too far to create -- we consider it creates a safety risk that could lead to a rollover in a real world situation. >> reporter: toyota says 6,000 of the models have been sold since the vehicle went on sale in late december. about 1600 are thought to still be sitting in dealers ships, prices at $65,000. the do not buy label will stick until toyota fixes the problem. for concerns call lexus 1-
] >> mike: toyota has never gone to victory lane at phoenix since we started racing here in 1988. they weren't part of the series then but they are still looking for their first victory in the desert. >> larry: his teammate right now joey logano well inside the top ten. back in seventh position in the 20 car. joey started sixth and has been in the top ten most of the night. >> darrell: if it stays like this, jeff gordon, if he doesn't run out of laps looks like he is closing in on the 48 car a little bit for second place. >> mike: he was. he and jimmie right now are .2 quicker than kyle busch. not sure if it's because of traffic for the race leader. >> larry: he has a lot of traffic out in front of him with 15 laps to go. talk about kyle busch. >> darrell: you will see the 83 move up out of the way to give him room. they know is the leader and they know he is fast. >> larry: good thing is there is traffic there. they're spread out single file. nobody running side-by-side. >> darrell: most of the car he's catching like the 2, his brother, kurt busch, he won't give him trouble and ahead of him
the model.. while engineers do their own testing. toyota says it's also testing all suvs under the toyota and lexus brands - which totals 6 models. with baseball season having started and better weather hopefully here to stay, the time for outdoor grilling is pretty much just beginning. but for those heading out to the supermarket this spring and summer there may be a bit of sticker shock when buying up all the beef for a proper bar- be-que. meat prices are moving up. "we are forecasting that beef prices in the middle meat will be up 5-7 percent as consumers go forward." that increase at the checkout line represents a change from recent pricing trends in beef and other meats. red meat is 4- percent cheaper than it was in february of last year, pork costs nearly 2-percent less and the price of chicken is down more than 1-percent according to the department of agriculture. but a number of factors on the farm and on feedlots has dan basse of ag resources predicting higher prices for those proteins. "its just the tightness of supply, the harsh winter weather has feed conversion rates decline,
better. the government now running safety tests on the lexus gx460. toyota stopped selling it after consumer reports warned of a possible rollover risktism dow gaining 21 points riding a 6 day winning streak. wal-mart regaining the top spot on the fortunate 500alist of biggest companies. if you're visiting israel, leave your i-pad. the country is banning the new apple device saying it could disrupt wireless service in israel. after the bell, google reporting a 40% jump in quarterly profits, revenue rising. that's a look at business. >> coming up, more suspensions following the beating of a maryland college student. how many officers are now on leave. >> and the tax day
into april lot more details coming out on monday it so in the meantime it looks like toyota is up to him and a good job of gaining back to customer loyalty angie. and it's april 1st which means it's an april fool's day and on the start of a new quarter last quarter brought a 6% gain to the nasdaq not too shabby by the way resurging motion comes up with a close and a real good goes blackberries are really selling. and they sure are angie also the energy sector is in focus traders are not watching to see if logos up above the $84 a barrel. if it does it could spark a big rally out and some off shore oil drilling stocks are also and focus this week seemed big gains will take a closer look coming up. george tkaczuk / rmb group could friday's jobs report be weak.. after adp employment report? i'm not and we have george tkaczuk of the rmb group george do you think that we can really still see gains in the job market as far as job creation coming up on friday even though the employment report was so weak? good morning beejal yeah we still think we're still looking at a really good number friday
farm is asking toyota to pay up. the insurance company wants the automaker to reimburse it for crashes involving gad pedal problems. >>> the recession not officially over just yet, not according to the committee of economist that says the down turn starredded in december of 2007. the national bureau of economic research says it's still too soon to tell if there's more positive times recently. >>> and bidding for an energier bunny kept going and going. they paid 11 thow $11,000 for te original icon. >>> a slow response to the 2010 census. how many marylanders still haven't returned their form. >>> and 13 suspected members of the black ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
flights without passengers in recent days. none reported problems or damage. >> toyota, pulls the plug on the lexis suv. toyota is recalling 2010 lexis gx 460. this recall is affecting about 9400 vehicles. last week consumer reports issued a don't buy warning on the vehicle saying it was susceptible to roll over. >> >> next on the news at 10:00. computer security concerns, why changing your password may not do much good. >> and katie stevens was voted off, you may recall, but made >> how many different online passwords do you have? many of us have to remember a lot. for all the websites we use. judy kurtz explains why one analyst said lots of passwords could be a complete waste of time. >> if it seems you're scrambling to come up with new passwords for e-mails, bank accounts, websites, you are not alone. the long held belief is saying lots of passwords keep you secure. but a researcher said not so fast. study said concentrating on your password could be effort with little benefit. and the study said that rather than using a program to try to break security passwords, cyber criminals ar
the laws, and not trying to go after those who are not. >> toyota is expected to pay a fine for waiting four months to tell the government about defective gas pedals in its cars. the car company faced deadline of today of acceptor contest the fine of $16.4 million. on toyota knew about the sticking gas pedals in september but didn't issue a recall until january. >>> the number of mull tie racial americans is expected to go up with the 2010 census but experts say many people with one black parent and one white parent only identify themselves as black on the census. president obama is one of those people. he only checked the black on the census box despite having a white mother. they have no idea how many people who check black on the census are multi racial. but the decision to check one box or more is based on the history and pride. we want to know, should all multiracial people check two boxes if applied to them. you can go to our website at foxbaltimore.com and tell us what you think or get to us through facebook, send us a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45203, enter fo
than expected $4 million profit. >>> toyota announces the recall of the 2010, gs460. toyota had already suspended worldwide sales of the vehicle. >>> toyota has agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine for allegedly failing to notify the department of transportation of a sticky pedal des defect in the cars for four months after learning of the problem. even while agreeing to pay the fine, toyota denied the government's allegations. >>> the ash cloud is costing the air carries an estimated $9.9 million per day. dealt that which has the billingest presence in europe is losing the most money $6.5 million a day. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> coming up, tightening down how lawmakers hope to make the u.s./mexico border safer. >>> a candlelight vigil will be held tonight to remember a frostburg state student gunned down over the >>> welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:31 is the time. you ever taking a look at the inner harbor. pretty soon you could be taking a swim in the inner harbor. how many of you would actually like to do that? of course, not in the current conditions, but on
took her toyota rav four plastered with her photos, favorite color, and information. >> does this person sound familiar? >>reporter: on the road and across america. her goal? to change laws so that convicted rapists get tougher sentencing and that dna is collected from all convicted felons upon their arrest. 23 states currently require dna upon arrest and maryland is one of them. >> when they get the dna, we have stories upon stories of matching back 15 to 20 years. getting the dna and arrest is a big, big portion of it. >>reporter: after 34 states and 27,000 miles, she says her journey is far from over. >> i really feel i have no choice. i wish i could bring her back. i can't. if i can find some way of getting her killer off the road -- but also, stopping other violent pred tors, i'm going to do that, >>reporter: fox 45 news at 10:00. >> her next stop is philadelphia. to follow her journey or learn more about her daughter's murder, go to foxbaltimore.com and click on news links. >>> the pentagon city metro station reopened tonight after a suspicious package turned out
yours, like mine ♪ like home... ♪ home... ♪ ♪ home! captioning sponsored by 20th century fox and toyota. moving forward. >> i think that the school system is ignoring parental rights. >> a classroom clash over websites. students allowed access to information about gays. how some parents are fighting back tonight. >> police of chief. he told me i could do it. >> why this cop said he may be punished for protecting kids. >> her school will labeled a persistent dangerous school. >> questions about bull looking at a elementary school. why the school said suspensions for bullying are a good thing. >> before we see the warm temperatures we have a frost advisory in place through the overnight. areas that will get the coldest coming up. >> gives everyone hope. >> how one of glee's biggest stars got her start. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore. this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. it is a fight over internet access in schools. harford county now allows students to view websites about gay and lesbian group and but some parents a
". another recall for toyota tonight. the issue with their seanna minivan. >> infants and toys. how jender could make a difference at a young age. for these stories and more, join us tonight at 11:00. xÑ >>well, few clouds around tomorrow. cooler. 61 degrees for a high. gradual clearing later in the day. we will see sunshine. and then sunday, only a high of 58 degrees. couple of degrees below normal. then monday, tuesday, wednesday we are dry. and temperatures gradually warm up to 66 on wednesday. and then thursday and friday getting close to the 70-degree mark. but then a chance for rain showers, and maybe a thunderstorm both thursday or friday. all and all not too bad as the weekend will dry out and cool down. that's forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you jes. >> can the orioles finally get a win? they are playing right now in oakland. >> and losing. >> i am trying to be positive here. >> kristen berset joins us with an update in "sports unlimited". kristen? >> hi kristen. >> all trying to stay positive. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". the orioles trying to breakout of their
, cheering, applause) captioning sponsored by 20th century fox and toyota. moving forward. >> these are people that plan. they plan their manipulation. >> accused child sex abusers. what parents need to know to keep their kids safe. >> ready for prime time. how the raven's new schedule is putting them in the national spotlight. >> too fat to fight. how obesity is hurting our national security. and what is being done by b it. >> clouds moving in and wet weather will. for when the rain will arrive and how much we will get. in the sky watch forecast. >> i was trying to harness some of my own inner madonna. >> paying tribute to the material girl. how cast members of glee prepared for tonight's episode. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off tonight. police are investigating two cases of child sex abuse, in only the past week. the suspected predators are so-called trusted individuals. tonight, crime and justice reporter joy lepola takes a closer look at how to recognize a betrayal of trust
were denied. >>> coming up another day, another recall. the car that toyota your body needs water... and women who drink crystal light... drink 20% more of it. ♪ crystal light. water your body. from crystal light.] new purefitness... the first fitness drink with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. new purefitness... from crystal light. a pure way to water your body. >>> one day after a huge sell-off and despite on going concerns that the debt crisis in europe is praddin spreading. the stocks rebounded. the no, sir dak remaine nasdaq y unchanged. >>> the fed reserve announced that it's leaving a key rate at zero. the economy is strengthening and the labor market is beginning to improve, but not enough to raise the fund rates for an extended period of time. >>> toyota is recalling 5,000 sequoia suvs because of the vehicle stability control systems that ma can cause the vehicle to hesitate or slow down at slow speeds. half of the vehicles in the recall have already had the problem fixed. there's no crashes or injuries. >>> according to labor department 41 metro are
will be in instudio working on that thing. >>> the day after another toyota recall, the company puts another car back on the market. the giv glitch that has been fi. >>> another great day on the bay. 80 degrees, a lot of sunshine, >>> 6:13 on a friday. we're looking forward to warmer temperatures. sky hd radar, it looks very nice and will continue to do so as high pressure moves off to the east. we do see showers in pennsylvania and further points north. a lot of that is not reaching the ground with the drier air. this is reaching the ground moving through iowa, a line of showers with thunderstorms that will be brewing later in the afternoon, probably producing the possibility of severe weather there. will that be coming here later this week potentially? we will talk about later in a moment. 53 degrees at the inner harbor. winds are calm and the barometer is on the rise looking at 52 degrees starting on a mid one thimildone this time around. we are getting a wind shift in the flow today. the winds will be shifting to the southwest ask that i & and e see the temperatures getting well into the 80s toda
, production for toyota soared. toyota cars and trucks have been the subject of a u.s. government investigation and at least three major separate recalls in the past year. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> coming up fighting fire house closures. how the firefighters union hopes to keep the doors open. >>> and more reports of violence inside of a west baltimore elementary school. i'm megan gilliland, what the teacher's union is expected to do today to protect your children. >> reporter: i'm joel d smith live at fells point where the governor will kickoff his re-election campaign [wind rustling] [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) >>> 6:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. another rainy start to the morning. will it continue? meteorologist steve fertig is here with the that answer. >>> just a chance for a spotty shower, but really we're going to see drier trend -- or tre
. and the government now running safety tests on the lexus gx460. toyota stopped sell it after consumer reports warned of a possible roll overrisk. the dow gaining another 21 points now riding a 6 day winning streak. wal-mart regaining the top spot of biggest companies. if you're visiting israel, leave your i-pad at home or customer customs will take it. they say it could interpret service in israel. >> revenue rising 23%. both beating estimates. a look at business. >> coming up, defending america from terrorist actions, how republicans are responding to this week's nuclear summit. >> never any problems. >> an elderly woman found dead. why police think she may have been murdered >> presidentpresident obamamento secure all nuclear materials all around the world to keep them out of the hands of terrorists. the goal of the 40 nation summit held in washington. our political commentitater joins us this morning for our washington wrap. to talk more about this. good morning. so the 47 countries that were involved in this all said that they would work closely with the united nations on this. some of the coun
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